Single Accesspoint for ESG Data (SAFE)

The Single Accesspoint for ESG Data (SAFE) Initiative is responding to the need for the ecosystem to address data and disclosure gaps by providing credible, comprehensive, and consistent information that enables informed decision-making. The SAFE structure is based on a community-centric approach, which offers technological support, data gathering, curation, assurance, and disclosure solutions for parties interested in reporting using their ESG data. It also ensures that necessary safeguards are in place in terms of governance and data protection.

SAFE Community

The SAFE Initiative is rooted in its Community-led approach, understanding that the anchoring factor and true value for a sustainability information solution lies in the creation of a vibrant and sustainable community around it (“SAFE Community” or “the Community”). The SAFE Community will protect the interest of the collective and increase utility to all stakeholders. In addition, the Community’s crowding-in to provide and use the information will promote the agenda in both the financial sector as well as the real economy.

SAFE Industry Representative Committee

The Industry Representative Committee (IRC) is an integral part of the Single Accesspoint for ESG Data (SAFE) Community Ecosystem. Its primary objective is to provide valuable input, insights, and guidance in the development of the SAFE Community, while participating in the continuous development of the SAFE Platform in meeting the diverse needs of its stakeholders.

Financial institutions are invited to register their interest and actively participate in the first Industry Representative Committee (IRC) group, contributing to the development and enhancement of the SAFE Community Ecosystem and its platform to cater to the evolving needs of stakeholders. Join us in shaping the future of ESG data accessibility and collaboration by expressing your interest in becoming part of the IRC today.

SAFE Pilot

The SAFE Pilot exercise aims to assess potential technology solutions for industry disclosure needs. Two technology partners, STACS and ESG Book have been selected to provide the required solutions for pilot participants to test and provide feedback on effectiveness and usability. The objective is to identify and validate technology solutions that support industry-wide ESG data disclosure, supporting the requirements of the SAFE Platform. Register your interest to participate and shape the future of ESG data accessibility.