Stakeholder Consultation for ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance Version 2


The ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance (ASEAN Taxonomy) is a guide to identify and classify sustainable economic activities in the ASEAN region and is being developed to serve as a common building block that enables an orderly transition and fosters sustainable finance adoption by ASEAN Member States (AMS). Furthermore, it is intended to be the principal reference point for sustainable projects, initiatives and activities in the region. Guided by five high-level principles, the ASEAN Taxonomy caters to the diversity of ASEAN economies, financial systems and transition ambitions, while aiming to be science-based and credible. Version 2 of the ASEAN Taxonomy was first released on 27 March 2023 and subsequently updated on 9 June 2023 with additional criteria for new activities. Please find Version 2 of the ASEAN Taxonomy at

The ASEAN Taxonomy Board (ATB) was established in 2021 under the auspices of the ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting (AFMGM) by the four sectoral bodies representing financial regulators and central banks comprising ASEAN Capital Market Forum (ACMF), Working Committee on Capital Market Development (WC-CMD), ASEAN Senior Level Committee on Financial Integration (SLC) and ASEAN Insurance Regulators’ Meeting (AIRM).  Its role is to develop, maintain and promote a multi-tiered taxonomy that will take into account ASEAN’s needs, as well as international aspirations and goals.


Following the release of Version 2 of the ASEAN Taxonomy, the ATB is now gathering feedback from stakeholders for further refinement of subsequent versions of the ASEAN Taxonomy. This will be accomplished through a targeted consultation process comprising written feedback, roundtable sessions and interviews. Stakeholders include representatives from ASEAN Ministries and Government agencies, financial market and economic sector participants, as well as other relevant regional and international stakeholders. Stakeholders’ responses in this year’s targeted Stakeholder Consultation process will be crucial in helping the ATB understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders in developing the next version of the ASEAN Taxonomy. Following the written feedback process, the ATB will continue with roundtable sessions and interviews for more in-depth discussions. The written feedback process is by invitation only.

The details for the first phase of the Stakeholder Consultation process, Written Feedback, are as follows:

  • Commencement date: Wednesday 28 June 2023
  • Closing date: Monday 24 July 2023
  • Written Feedback Format: 37 survey questions with multiple choice and free text options
  • Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Stakeholders’ responses will only be published openly in aggregated form. However, all responses will be anonymised and it will not be attributed to specific individuals or organisations.


The ATB will run a series of three-hour industry-specific Roundtable discussions to gather opinions and feedback on the ASEAN Taxonomy Version 2. We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Roundtable discussions for which your organisation has an interest or may find relevance. Your details will be required for the registration process, please visit the link provided below to fill in your details. You will be joined by other stakeholders across the ASEAN region who have an interest in the industry at hand. Participation in these Roundtable discussions will be important in helping the ATB understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders in developing future versions of the ASEAN Taxonomy.

The details of the Stakeholder Roundtable discussions are as follows:

  • Registration opens: Wednesday, 19 July 2023
  • Registration closing date: Registration Closing Date : Monday, 7 August 2023
  • Roundtable duration: From Monday, 7 August to Thursday, 7 September 2023, according to the schedule attached in the information pack
  • Roundtable protocol: Chatham House Rule ( )
  • Minimum criteria: For Roundtable sessions 1-4, representatives with interest and involvement in the industry are free to join the sessions, provided you have authority to speak on behalf of the organisation you represent. Roundtable sessions 5-11 are closed door sessions for respective Financial Institutions, NGOs/ODAs and Ministries and government agencies.
No. Roundtable Session Schedule
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (Energy) - Traditional Energy
10 Aug (Thursday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (Energy) - Renewable Energy
11 Aug (Friday), 2.30-5.30PM GMT+8
Transportation and storage
7 Aug (Monday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Construction and real estate
18 Aug (Friday), 2.30-5.30 PM GMT+8
Financial institutions - Banks
22 Aug (Tuesday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Financial institutions - Asset Managers/Investors
24 Aug (Thursday), 9.30-12.30 PM GMT+8
NGOs and ODAs
29 Aug (Tuesday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Ministries and government agencies - Vietnam
7 Sep (Thursday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Laos PDR Roundtable
1 Sep (Friday), 2.30-5.30 PM GMT+8
Ministries and government agencies - Philippines
4 Sep (Monday), 2-5 PM GMT+8
Cambodia Roundtable
5 Sep (Tuesday), 2-5 PM GMT+8

For enquiries, please contact the ATB at The ATB look forward to your participation and contribution.